About Reading Community Learning Centre


We're a charity that aims to improve community cohesion in Reading by managing a Centre that targets the most disadvantaged and socially isolated women in Reading, Berkshire. Many of the women have had little access to any formal education and may not speak English, hence the main elements of the Centre’s work are education, information and support, working with children and hosting cultural activities.

Our aim is to improve community cohesion in Reading by fostering understanding between cultures, by promoting education, welfare and inclusion of both newly arrived and settled people from minority ethnic communities. 

We provide a safe, women-only environment in which women from all cultures can feel comfortable.  Additionally, we run an Ofsted-registered crèche, which allows many students that otherwise would not be able to attend classes the opportunity to do so. 

Our vision

For marginalised Black and Minority Ethnic Minority women in Reading to achieve their individual potential.

Our mission

We provide social, educational, civic engagement and volunteering opportunities for marginalised women from Black and Minority Ethnic communities and provides services that address barriers to learning, including child care through a crèche, and supports progression into further education, social and employment opportunities.

Our values

• We provide a safe environment that respects diversity, encourages users to develop confidence and independence and promotes harmony and mutual understanding between different groups e.g. racial, religious, age etc.
• We are dedicated to developing community cohesion, breaking down barriers between cultures and fostering mutual respect, understanding and friendship.
• We set high aspirations for women and promotes progression into further learning, volunteering or work.
• We believe in learner engagement and is flexible and responsive to needs identified by learners and the wider community, including providing a crèche that is focused on language development in a stimulating environment.
• We are committed to sharing learning and knowledge with other organisations to achieve our vision.

Please take a look at our Annual Report 2014 here as well as our Organisational Chart (October 2014) to see what we have been doing in the past year as well as how we are structured.  We also include our terms of reference for fundraising and our list of policies.