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- RCLC has been nominated as Charity of the Year!!

Reading Community Learning Centre has been nominated as Charity of the Year in the Pride of Reading Awards for its work with the most disadvantaged and socially isolated women in the town

“There is no place for division, hatred or intolerance in Reading.”

The new Mayor of Reading Councillor Mohammed Ayub said last night that there was no place for division and hatred in the town.  He urged the people of Reading to work together "to ensure Reading’s proud tradition as a thriving multi-cultural town is celebrated and we continue to welcome people from elsewhere – whether it be from the rest of the UK, from Europe or from the rest of the world

Reading Community Learning Centre endorses these views and welcomes to Reading both those people who are fleeing violence and persecution in their own countries, and those who have come to live here to learn or work. We value their contribution to Reading and are committed to taking practical steps to welcome and integrate all people into our communities.