Our Learners

We regularly ask our learners about their experiences at the Centre in order to improve and develop our services. Here is some of the recent feedback we've received:

"I had a lot of problems in my life when I came here from Afghanistan because I could not speak.  Now my English is better because I joined a computer class and a speaking class."

"Previously I couldn't speak with my children’s teachers but now I can actually communicate with them if the children have any problems."

"I feel comfortable here.  I was not confident because I don't speak English here.  Before I went to other colleges they are mixed and I can't speak freely.  But here because it is only women I can speak."

"The best thing is you make new friends and you learn a new skill."

"People are very nice and friendly. You can meet people from other countries.  You can learn about different cultures."
"I like coming here.  I am more confident about cooking and sewing.  I am learning not just a skill but confidence as well."

"I wanted to give some time to myself. I wanted to make things to give to my grandchildren.  Coming to the Centre benefited the rest of my family too."

"I can speak to my children in English at home now.  I speak mostly in Urdu but now I speak to them in English because I must improve my English.   After I finish this I am going to apply for a job – that’s why I am doing this English course.  I am planning to do any job I can."

"It gives you freedom."